Congratulations Master Gardeners!

— Written By Donna Hanusik
Dare County’s hardworking Master Gardeners have received state recognition for their creative and inspirational educational programing. The statewide 2018 NC Extension Master Gardener’s Search for Excellence committee is designed to recognize outstanding educational, group projects that result in significant learning. This committee has recognized Dare Master Gardeners for three exceptional educational projects.
The Dare County Master Gardener’s Speakers Bureau placed 1st in the Workshop/Presentation category for their ambitious and impressive Speakers Bureau project that delivers quality horticultural programs throughout Dare County and expands the outreach of Dare County Cooperative Extension. They make research-based information accessible to many that may not otherwise be able to attend classes and learning sessions.
The Tri-County Home and Community Garden Workshop placed 2nd in the Workshop/Presentation category. The team that reviewed applications chose the workshop because it provides a great educational opportunity for residents of northeast NC and is an excellent collaborative effort between three counties Dare, Currituck, and Pasquotank.
Last but not least, the Dare County Master Gardener’s Kokedama Research project placed 1st in the Research category. The team that completed the Kokedama Research project taught the Japanese art of Kokedama at several different venues in Dare County this past winter. It was a valuable learning opportunity both for Master Gardeners and the public.