International Master Gardener Search for Excellence Award

— Written By Donna Hanusik
Congratulations Extension Master Gardener℠ volunteers of Dare County on your 1st place winning entry in the International Master Gardener Search for Excellence, workshop category.
The Speakers Bureau was created several years ago to provide much needed continuing education for Master Gardener volunteers and residents of Dare County. Presentations are open to the public for anyone to come and learn, and are a valuable way to recruit new Master Gardener volunteers. By partnering with Dare County public libraries, senior centers, and other agencies, EMGVs are able to offer educational programs to the public throughout the 108-mile-long county. Between 2016 and 2017, these EMGV led classes and demonstrations were attended by 690 Outer Banks residents.
Learn more about the state and internationally recognized Dare County EMG Speakers Bureau, along with other NC SFE winning projects:
Search for Excellence recognizes outstanding Extension Master Gardener volunteer educational, group projects that result in significant learning. Nominations for the 2019 North Carolina EMG Search for Excellence will open in February. Visit NCSUgarden, Statewide and enter Search for Excellence in the search box to learn more!