Kids Cooking – and Learning! – in the Kitchen

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So, here we are, about 1 month into the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic. Life as we’ve known it isn’t the same at all. Restaurants are closed for seating, there are no sports to cheer on, no movies, no festivals and certainly no handshakes or hugs. There is no formal school and our children are distance learning at the dining room table.

Suddenly, all our daily routine of work, school, travel and even running local errands has been shaken. We must slow down. Re-evaluate. Re-calculate. Whoa! When we wished for a less hectic schedule and more time with our families, this isn’t really what we had in mind! But here it is.

We can spend our time sorrowing over all the things we’re missing, or we can use this time to re-connect with our family. We can pull out that bucket list of what our family would do “if we had time.”  One item on my personal list is sharing my love of cooking with my youngest daughter. She’s at a great age of thinking everything that Mom does is cool and she wants to be just like me! So yeah, I need to get busy before this window of time closes!

As the two of us explore the many wonders of the kitchen, we’re actually using all our senses to learn many of the concepts she would have learned in school. Measuring ingredients is math, reviewing steps to a recipe is reading, bread making is science and making my Grandmother’s signature dishes is history. All from the comfort of our own home.

I hope when all this is over, we can look back and see the good that came from it. So, enjoy your current differently paced lifestyle and spend some time in the kitchen cooking and learning. And if you have a child at home, by all means, share this wonderful gift with them!