2020 Pesticide School- POSTPONED

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Manteo, NC – The Spring 2020 Pesticide Safety School Schedule is now available for registrants who are seeking initial licensing in one or more pesticide subcategories. Register today to attend the April 1-2 Pesticide Safety School to be held in Manteo, NC, which will include the opportunity to be licensed in the areas of Ornamental & Turf Pest Control and Public Health Control.

Ornamental & Turf Pest Control is for pesticide applicators using pesticides in the maintenance and production of ornamentals, shade trees, and turf. This category includes commercial pesticide application work on home lawns, public grounds, parks, shade trees, golf courses, cemeteries, and in greenhouses.

Public Health Control is for applicators using pesticides outdoors to protect human health, (e.g., fogging for mosquitoes, spraying outside for flies, controlling roots in sewers).

Please visit the North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services’ Pesticide Safety Information page at the link provided below to register, order manuals, and learn more about licensing. To register, you may either print out a form to be mailed in with your payment or register online. To prepare for the class and exams more thoroughly, participants are encouraged to pre-order their pesticide manuals and review them in advance. Please allow at least one week for manuals to arrive. Register online today!

If you have questions about licensing, please contact the North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services’ Pesticide Section at (919) 733-3556 to confirm what licensing category is needed. For more details about the exam and schools go to the Pesticide Exams website.

Exams are held the second day of the Pesticide School and begin at 1 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

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Adam Formella
Extension Agent, Agriculture
N.C. Cooperative Extension, Currituck County Center