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Cover photo for You’re a Yummy One, Mr. Grinch

You’re a Yummy One, Mr. Grinch

The holidays are coming quickly! Usually, that means lots of parties and events will soon be here. Even if your plans …

Cover photo for African Violets Part 1 - Growing Tips

African Violets Part 1 - Growing Tips

The African Violet, genus Saintpaulia, are part of the Gesneriad family. First discovered and documented in Tanzania, they were brought …

Cover photo for The Perfect Chili Night!

The Perfect Chili Night!

You’ve made your famous chili recipe. Now you want to share it with friends and family (using covid safe …

Cover photo for Warm Up With Chili

Warm Up With Chili

Fall is the perfect time for chili! When it’s cool outside, there’s nothing better to warm up with than …

Cover photo for Dare County 4-H Candle Sale!

Dare County 4-H Candle Sale!

Details All candle proceeds support 4-H programs, including day camps, overnight camps, and educational kits! These candles are made by hardworking 4-H volunteers using soy wax …

Cover photo for Fig Time in NC!

Fig Time in NC!

If you have never tasted fresh figs, then you are missing out on one of the south’s greatest fruit …